The AAA maintains an oligarchy-type government. The AAA isn't large enough to require a mobilized moderation team, so Palm Tree is the only administrator.

The structure Edit

Palm Tree is the Commander-in-Chief, while there are 5 High Ranking Officers: three Vice-Chancellors, and two Chief Advisors. Below these are 3 advisors, who help in making big decisions. Below the advisors are the Generals: Long standing members of the AAA who have been involved in many AAA operations.

The people Edit

Commander in chief Edit

Palm Tree

Vice chancellors Edit

Oofer, Retzyn, h3ccin_sn3cc

Chief Advisors Edit

ace1305_, ArmchairPhilosophy

Advisors Edit

Gollum, Forgi_Forgeth, Triangulus

Generals Edit

Ayyy, Jabari, LajeOtakuAsador, UniqueUser105, alban, Range, Scrublord_Ex, LuckyAndrew13, Stark001001, Ronboi

NOTE: As of June 10th, 2019, Stark001001 has been promoted to a position as Temporary Officer.

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